Lauren Ninoshvili

Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow of Music
Ph.D., Columbia University (2010); M.Phil., Columbia University (2006); M.A., Columbia University (2005); B.A., Barnard College (2002)


Areas of Research/Interest
Georgian vocal polyphony; music and language; postsocialist cultural studies; women in performance

Pepsico Junior Fellowship, Harriman Institute, 2009-10; Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation Fellowship, 2008-9; Individual Advanced Research Opportunities grant, International Research and Exchanges Board, 2006-7

Select Publications:

2012. "'Wailing in the Cities': Media, Modernity, and the Metamorphosis of Georgian Women's Expressive Labor." Music and Politics Vol. 6:2.

2011. "The 1990s 'Kutaisi Wave': Music and Youth Movement in a Postindustrial Periphery." Current Musicology 91.

2011. Film Review: The Feast-Day of Tamar and Lashari, dir. Hugo Zemp. Yearbook for Traditional Music, Vol. 43.

2011. "The Historical Certainty of the Interpretively Uncertain: Non-Referentilaity and Georgian Modernity," Journal of Linguistic Anthropology Vol. 21:1, 78-98.

2010. "Georgian Popular Music and the Cliché of the Nation at War." Ulbandus: The Salvic Review of Columbia University. Volume 13 Special Issue: The Wound and the Imagination -- Aesthetics of Violence in Slavic Art.

2009. "The Poetics of Pop Polyphony: Translating Georgian Song for the World." Popular Music and Society Vol. 32:3, 407-424.

2007. "Report from the Kitchen Sink: The Supra and the Seeds of a Georgian Feminism." In Nation in Formation: Inclusion and Exclusion in Central and Eastern Europe. Baker, Gerry, Madaj, Mellish and Nahodilova, eds. Studies in Russia and Eastern Europe No.1. London: UCL School of Slavic and Eastern European Studies.

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