*New* Music Major Curriculum (effective Fall 2016)

The Major in Music requires a total of ten 4-point courses (40 points) completed with a grade of C or better. It is designed to give the student a broad understanding of the various issues currently being discussed in musical thinking and research, as well as a theoretical background and the opportunity to engage in creative work. Qualified students can undertake advanced supervised research or composition in their senior year, leading to a thesis and the award of a degree with honors.

For students matriculating in CAS in or after fall 2016, the ten 4-point courses for the major are as follows:

  • Music Theory I and II (formerly Harmony and Counterpoint I and II; MUSIC-UA 201 and 202)
  • Aural Perception (MUSIC-UA 193), offered every fall
  • Two courses in the area of "Music, History, and Cultures"
  • Two courses in the area of "Sonic Art"
  • Three electives, one of which must be designated as an "Advanced Course." The advanced course is taken in the fall of senior year.

Students may count up to four credits of performance classes (in the Steinhardt School's Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions or in our department's Collegium Musicum) toward the music major.

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