Clinical Assistant Professor Search FAQ

In responses to questions we've received from applicants, the department has prepared the following document. Please note that while the answers reflect the search committee's best efforts towards a candid and transparent process, this information does not replace the official post and is subject to amendment and expansion. 

Are there particular performance traditions that are being sought?
We are open to all performance traditions. We are particularly interested in applicants whose area(s) of musical expertise go beyond existing department specialties. Look at our course offerings, and at the faculty and graduate student biographies on our web site to get a sense of our department.

I have an ongoing career as a performing musician. Will I be able to maintain my performance schedule, including travel away from NYC?
Given the nature of this position, the department recognizes the need for a reasonable amount of professional travel. Furthermore, since most courses meet twice per week, it is possible to create a teaching schedule that leaves ample time for weekend gigs.

What is a "Clinical Assistant Professor"?
A clinical professorship refers to a position that is oriented towards teaching rather than producing scholarly books and articles. Clinical professors are not on the tenure track; rather, they have three-year renewable contracts. As a rule, they teach undergraduates but not graduate students.

Will I be expected to teach private lessons on my instrument/voice/electronic device?
We are not looking for someone to give, for example, clarinet lessons. (No offense intended to clarinet players!) Individual musical instruction is not a core responsibility for this position. Rather, the person we hire will offer liberal arts courses to students in the College of Arts and Science. Some of these students will be music majors; most won't. We will be looking to you to create an innovative set of courses on music that excite both groups. Members of the department faculty are eager to mentor and assist new faculty in developing courses appropriate for our students.

What resources will be available for this position?
Faculty members have access to our multi-purpose performance space and sound spatialization studio. The position includes a modest research budget and applicants may propose new budgetary requests towards developing an ensemble or for other performance-related resources. The position also offers a full benefits package that includes health insurance and a retirement plan.